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UPDATE 20.02.2018

The update will be made on 20.02.2010 (Tuesday) at 19:00 Moscow time (18:00 Kyiv time).

What is included in the update:
Added Pouch of Blessing, Lunar Rabbit, Fire Flame Ghost, now they are held in the evening at 20: 05;
Added command /pkclear bought off murder(phenomena) costs 100 000 000 zen;
Added Chaos machine to User Panel;
Fixed in the Fireplace 5 Mu Helper;
Added a new event, Jewel Mining, and also lowered the Jewel drop 20%; - MORE info!
Fixed the new things, now displaying a number of stats right;
Fixed event time on the site;
Lowered drop on the part of the Blood Castle, Devil Square;
Added useful information to the forum, don't forget to familiarize yourself with it.

A lot of small work has been done, as well as this list is not final, it will be updated until tomorrow.
With Respect Administration, we are working for you!

Posted 20 / 02 / 2018
Events from GM

Good day, I would like to start with congratulations to the players aPocalyPse, BETEPSlark, DrZlo who are the first in its class reached 20 resets, bonus issued!
There are 2 more prizes, hurry up, and maybe you will win a nice prize! Read more on the forum - LINK!

18.02.2010 (tomorrow) at 17:00 Moscow time (16:00 Kiev time) event from GMS will be produced.

Hide and seek:
The GM hides in a certain location. The task is to find a GM.
Riddles :
GM writes the name of any subject with missing letters. The task is to guess the object.
The GM writes the name of the subject. The task is to guess the Def, DMG, vizardi DMG or the required number of stats.
Find things:
The GM writes the name of the item and its options. The task is to find the object with the specified options.

More detail will be description on the forum - LINK!

Posted 18 / 02 / 2018

 - Lowered drop Zen by 20%;
 - Fixed bug with MuHelper (elf Castes);
 - Increased database of cheats;
 - Corrected statistics on the site;
 - Fixed OffEXP menu, now in OffExp peak working only in the Vip account;
 - Fixed Message text that POPs up after killing bosses which give WCoinC;
 - Fixed problem with fast breaking things(requires test);
 - Fixed remuneration for Vote (requires test) otherwise, we move on to in-game voting;
 - Fixed text color Privat and post;
 - Fixed time on the website Moss Merchant;
And many more minor changes which will describe a little later...
Unfortunately for this update we did not have time to make MuHelper in Kalima 5, but we promise that we will fix it soon, thank you very much for your understanding!
With Respect Administration.

Posted 14 / 02 / 2018
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