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OPENING ON 23.04.2021 AT 21:00 MOSCOW TIME

The world of Aragon x100 dynamic combines such classic aspects of gameplay as trading, resource extraction, equipment creation and unstoppable battles, castle sieges, boss wars, this world will be appreciated by all fans of MuOnline, everyone will find what they like in it.

The server will be opened on 23.04.2021 at 21:00 Moscow time.
The opening of the OBT will take place on 16.04.2021 at 21:00 Moscow time.

Useful information about the server.
Promotions and contests before the start, you can get good prizes before the start!

Server Description:
Exp: x100 dinamyc x10;
Drop: 50%;
Master Exp: x10;
Master LvL max: 250;
Maximum level: 400;
Maximum number of resets: 20;
Grand reset with: 60 resets;
Maximum number of stats in 1 characteristic: 32767;
Maximum number of parties: 5;
Maximum number of Grand Reset: 20;
Reliable protection against all kinds of cheats and dupes;
You can get bonuses through voting for the server;
Spots for 6 monsters;
Fixed a bug on the sale of Wings (Zen);
We guarantee the stable operation of the server 24/7/365;
Timely server and site updates!

Elf Helper: up to level 350 {+Premium up to level 375];
Location: Arena-prepared for warriors who want to take a break from wars. - No PK territory;
Spots in the Arena location for 5 monsters with a respawn of 10 seconds;
In all locations except the Arena, spots for 6 monsters with a respawn of 10 seconds;

Available characters on the server:
Character Creation: DW/DK/ELF/SUM:1LVL, MG:220LVL, DL:250LVL;
Character Creation +Premium: DW/DK/ELF/SUM:1LVL, MG:200LVL, DL:230LVL;

Number of points per level:
SM - 5 Points;
ELF-5 Points;
BK - 5 Points;
MG - 7 Points;
DL - 7 Points +50 cmd;
SUM - 5 Points.

Number of points per reset:
SM-500 Points;
ELF - 600 Points;
BK - 500 Points;
MG - 700 Points;
DL - 700 Points +50 cmd;
SUM - 500 Points.
+5 WCoin (P), +10 Goblin(P) for each Reset.
Level for 1 reset - 400 level.
Required number of zen: 10kk * per reset number.

Number of points per Grand Reset:
DW-5000 Points;
ELF-5000 Points;
SUM-5000 Points;
BK - 5000 Points;
DL - 5000 Points;
MG - 5000 Points.
+4500 Credits, +300 WCoin (P), +300 Goblin(P) for each Grand Reset.
Required number of zen: 2kkk.

Wingi 2.5: NO;
Guild creation : 300 LVL;
Autoclicker is available from level 10;
In the near future, new bosses / monsters will be added to the development of the server;
In the near future, new locations will be added to the development of the server;
All monsters are reconfigured, balanced;
Unique Off-Exp system (offline leveling);
Start boxes falling from all the monsters designed to quickly dress you up a little;
More than 200 quests that will help you in the development of the character and will not let you get bored;

The server has a Premium Account System (VIP):
The server has an X-shop that will be available a week after the launch! 02.05.21.
On our server, the Master Tree has been updated and strengthened.
Its pumping will dramatically affect the strengthening of your character!
The server has a Jewel of Excellent, Options, Level, Luck, Skill.
But it will not be easy to get them.
Bonus Party.
Noob Buff to the 5th reset:
VIP Buff.

Blood Castle;
Devil Square;
Golden Resp;
Happy Hour;
Drop event;
Bosses and events are distributed around the clock!

Description of the Stones:
Jewel of Excellent-adds an Excellent option to your item. Not used on wings, costume jewelry, and Ancient items. The maximum number of Excellent options on an item is 4. The probability of adding an option is 70%!
Jewel of Option-adds +28Add. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of successful addition is 60%.
Jewel of Skill-adds Skill to weapons and shields. The probability of successful addition is 70%..
Jewel of Luck-adds Luck options to any of your items. The probability of successful addition is 50%.
Jewel of Level-increases the level (sharpening) of your item by 1 point. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of a successful upgrade is 100%.

Castle Siege:
Every week, the main event takes place on the server - the siege of the castle Castle Siege. The winning alliance, along with the castle, gains access to a special Land of Trials location.
Monday. Register to attack the castle.
Tuesday. Register to attack the castle.
Wednesday. Delivery of Sign of Lord stamps by members of registered guilds.
Thursday. Delivery of Sign of Lord stamps by members of registered guilds.
Friday. 12: 00 - Select guilds to attack and announce participants. 19: 00-Preparation for the attack.
Saturday. Preparing for the attack.
Sunday. 21: 00-22: 00 Attack.
Land Of Trials is a special place where only the alliance that owns the castle has access. This location is an alliance safe zone. It is replete with a large number of spots and unique bosses.

And much more awaits you on the server

2021-04-06 07:11

Server Has Been Opened